The Centre for Criminology

The establishment of the Centre for Criminology is an indication of the University's commitment to the development of Criminology. The Centre will provide a home for co-ordinated and indigenous studies of crime and criminal justice in Hong Kong. It will also provide a platform for both academics and practitioners in the criminal justice system to share their knowledge and to assist in the development of effective strategies to deal with the increasingly sophisticated problem of crime in Hong Kong and the region.

The work of the Centre is overseen by an Advisory Board that consists of senior members of the Faculties of Law, Medicine and Social Sciences and Government Departments involved in the criminal justice system.

The Centre has appointed Fellows of the Centre who are commiteed to support the Centre. The Fellowships generate participation from a variety of disciplines and ensures diversity of interests.

The Centre will establish a network of international advisers from well established Centres and Institutes throughout the world so that it can benefit from their participation in the affairs of the Centre and contribute to the development of criminology at the local, regional and international level.

Our Mission

To promote the development of criminological research, education and criminal justice policy and to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement, crime prevention and the treatment of offenders.

Our Objectives
  • To promote undergraduate, postgraduate and other courses in criminology and criminal justice run by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Professional and Continuing Education.
  • To develop the capability of the Centre to undertake research.
  • To undertake research into programmes dealing with crime, offenders and victims.
  • To consolidate and publish data and statistics on crime and justice, as well research undertaken by the Centre for Criminology.
  • To establish and develop links with international, national and local kindred organisations.
  • To organise conferences and seminars, and provide a forum for academics and practitioners to consider issues related to crime and justice.

The Centre is a partnership between academics and practitioners in government and the private sector. In order to meet the objectives of the Centre it is essential that members of this partnership support the Centre by contributing in some manner. This Support may be by contributing intellectual endeavour or by commissioning research to be undertaken by the Centre. A financial contribution could be a tangible way of supporting the Centre and helping to ensure that Hong Kong develops a criminal justice system that can meet the challenges of the future.

Annual Report
  • Annual Report 2014-2015