Hong Kong Society of Criminology

Founded in 1983 by criminal justice practitioners and academics the Society is an association of practitioners, academics and lay members who are concerned to promote the scientific study of crime in Hong Kong. The Society is interested in all aspects of the criminal justice process from the making of criminal laws, through to the options for punishment, and the treatment and re-integration of offenders.  This includes, for example, the causes of crime and criminal behaviour, victim assistance, the measurement and trends in crime, policing and law enforcement, the practice of criminal law, problems of evidence, sentencing, and corrections.

The Society is committed to criminology as a multi-disciplinary field of study which draws heavily upon many disciplines including: forensic sciences, sociology, pathology, psychology,  psychiatry, social work, statistics and law.  The Society seeks to create a forum for the various public interest groups, professions and disciplines involved in the administration of justice and treatment of offenders and victims to meet and discuss criminal justice and allied topics.

The Society's objectives are:

* to promote the discussion and dissemination of  the latest international and local research on topics related to crime, law enforcement  and criminal justice;

* to promote awareness of the issues and problems involved in the control of crime and the administration of justice;

* to encourage the discussion of ideas and practices that will assist in crime prevention, improve services to victims and the treatment of offenders;  and

* to promote the role of criminology and develop the use of scientific approaches to the study of crime, victims, offenders and crime suppression in Hong Kong and neighbouring jurisdictions.

The Society conducts a regular programme of evening guest lectures, Saturday Symposia, specialist and expert meetings and, informal functions for its members.  The Society aims to create for its members a collegial and social environment that encourages healthy discussion and debate on topical matters of interest and concern to the criminal justice community and general public. The typical format of our guest lecturer evenings, usually held between 6.00-7.30 P.M, provides for refreshments before and after the lecture and Q&A with ample time for discussion in a lively but relaxed atmosphere.

Members of the Society reflect the diversity of interests in criminology  and include: police officers, practicing and academic lawyers, medical practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, correctional officers, after-care workers, students, nurses, forensic scientists, probation officers, magistrates, judges, Customs and Excise officers, teachers, and academic criminologists.

The Society collaborates with overseas kindred bodies and local associations such as the Hong Kong Medico-Legal Society and, research centres such as the Centre for Criminology and the Centre for Public and Comparative Law at the University of Hong Kong and, the Chinese Law programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong by sponsoring or co-sponsoring joint activities. Recent events have included symposia on Organized Crime, Human Smuggling, Art Crime, Crime Prevention, Crime and the Elderly and guest lectures on Problems in Forensic Pathology, Cyber-Crime and Juvenile Crime. In the future the Society plans to host more special topic or thematic symposia and conferences, as well as its regular special guest lecture series.

Society members are offered discounted registration fees when these are levied and are given preference for admission to events with limited places organized by the Society and its allied associations. Members are always welcome to bring guests to functions of the Society.

[For a list of forthcoming events please go to Seminars]

The administration of the Society is currently provided by the Centre for Criminology, Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Hong Kong and activities are directed by the Executive of the Society which is elected annually by members of the Society.

The Society publishes a newsletter and plans to establish in the near future a regional newsletter/journal to provide an outlet for new research and commentary in order to better promote the development of criminology and related disciplines in Greater China and the region.

Papers and presentations given at Society seminars and other events are frequently posted on the web-site and may be accessed on-line.

Any individuals, agencies or corporations interested in these objectives are eligible for membership. We look forward to your involvement in the Society's activities and believe that your membership in the Hong Kong Society of Criminology will be most rewarding. All Members are encouraged to suggest activities and topics that would be interest to the Society members.

For further information you are welcome to contact: The Secretary of the Society by telephone: (852) 2859-1075 or  Fax: (852) 2559-8044/2857-4074 or Email: ykchu@hkucc.hku.hk or the Centre for Criminology at crimctr@hkucc.hku.hk

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Minutes - Annual General Meeting, 3 December 2003
Minutes - Annual General Meeting, 23 February 2004
Revised Constitution 2004

The Executive of the Society:

President: His Honour Justice Thomas Gall
Vice President: Dr. Harold Traver
Chairman: Dr. Roderic Broadhurst
Vice Chairs: Mr. Samson Chan, Position Vacant
Treasurer: Mr. David M. Hodson (until 31 March 2004) Co-opted Member (from 1 April 2004)
Secretary: Dr. Chu Yiu Kong
Committee: Dr. Philip Beh, Dr. Karen A. J. Laidler, Dr. Eric Tsui, Mr. Laurie Lau, Mr. Stanislaus Lau D.V., Mr. Kent Lee (Student Representative)